Yamaha KU100 silent low noise kick pedal


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Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick Pedal - for low noise drumming @home One of the least noisy pedals... more
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Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick Pedal - for low noise drumming @home

One of the least noisy pedals ever!

Yamaha KU100 - The super-silent e-drum kick. Built to fight downward noise travel!

Contrary to most other electronic bass drum pedals, the Yamaha KU100 Low Noise Kick pedal was built with a clear vision: Minimize unwanted noise travel! Especially rooms below the drummer tend to be plagued by residual kick sounds!

Instead of relying on the actual beater impact the KU100 triggers upon the dynamically sensitive contact with the sensor. This beaterless concept reduces the impact noise by around 80% compared to common e-kicks!

And here's the kicker: The Yamaha KU100 Low Noise Kick is 100% compatible to all e-drum sound modules, e-drum sets as well as all multi-pads!

Do you want to practice at home without aggravating your family or neighbors?

  • The KU100 is highly effective without breaking the bank!
  • Especially powerful in the fight against noise pollution!
  • Rooms below are less exposed to drumming noises!

What we also recommend:

  • Check out the Yamaha HH40 silent hi-hat pedal
  • How about the complete drum-tec silencing solution with two silence-mats that fit under the pedals? This works wonders against complaining neighbors... ;)
  • We also recommend a 3m trigger cable since it is our experience that the included cable is not long enough for most setups!

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Reviews by our customers
19 Jun 2019

naja !?!

Als Backup für irgendwelche Ausfälle der Haupt-Basedrum für den Preis vermutlich unschlagbar, passt fast noch in einen größeren Kulturbeutel ;-)

Als Pedal für Gig oder zum täglichen Üben möchte ich es nicht nutzen, viel zu leichtgängig und schwammig durch die dünne Rückstellfeder, irgendwie kein richtiger Druckpunkt.
Viertelnoten sind ok, alles andere ist spieltechnisch (zumindest für mich) totale Umgewöhnung
Bzgl Silent: Es ist nicht geräuschlos, aber auch nicht sehr laut im Gegensatz zu anderen Kickpads

Fazit: gemischte Gefühle

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