Vintage Sound Edition Roland TD-50 [Download]

Vintage Sound Edition Roland TD-50
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drum-tec Vintage Sound Edition: Custom Kits for your Roland TD-50

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Supercharge your fun with 12 new acoustic custom kits for your Roland TD-50

  • Sound better: Level up your TD-50* with these amazing kits (plus samples!)
  • Express yourself: Leverage everything your sound module has to offer with kits that let you play dynamically
  • Start immediately: Pick and load a kit, put on your headphones and you're good to go:
    The Vintage Sound Edition is easy to install and will blow you away!

*This Sound Edition works only on the conventional Roland TD-50, it is not compatible with modules with TD-50X firmware!

Don't just take our word for it: Our video shows exactly what to expect!
(Tip: Use your e-drums headphones when watching the video)

All Kits Demo:

Enjoy playing

Make your TD-50 sound better than ever before:
We modeled all kits with care and attention to detail to make your Roland TD-50 sound amazing! To achieve maximum sound quality we also integrated our own samples.

What's different?

Let's be honest: Anyone can drown the stock sounds in effects to make a kit sound big and impressive when you first hear it.
But you can't play dynamically with a kit that's maxed out on all fronts. And your ear tires fast from too much bass, treble and effects.
When a kit is too fat your nuanced playing is suffocated by a muddy mess.
That's a recipe for boredom, discouragement and even a risk to your health.

You deserve superb drums!

Maybe you have the experience to create astonishing kits, but do you have the patience? We have both:
Our Sound Editions supply you with expertly crafted kits that are built from the ground up. All sounds are carefully balanced against each other and perfected by our integrated custom samples. You will love the result!

Profit from our experience:

We follow our own recipe and our kits become more than just the sum of their parts.
Sounds a little too good to be true? Don't just take our word for it, make up your own mind:
Our video demos the unedited truth of what to expect – nothing is masked by backing tracks!

We want you to play e-drums you'll love!

We're creating kits, so you can focus on playing the drums. Building amazing kits is hard work and takes a lot of patience and experience.
Luckily, you don't have to worry about that!
This Sound Edition is easy to use and makes your Roland TD-50 fun.
Not sure? Watch the demo!
Enjoy the best sounds and the entire dynamic range of your module, without going through the nerve-racking process of custom kit creation.

Kit List:

  1. Ludwig Vista
  2. Slingerland
  3. Camco Style
  4. Ludwig 69
  5. Gretsch 70'
  6. Gretsch 69'
  7. Louis Bells.
  8. Some Ludwigs
  9. Vintage Pop
  10. Rogers 50'
  11. Gretsch Cu.
  12. Trilogy Sakae

It's as easy as...

  • Download the Sound Edition (There's a manual included in the download)
  • Backup your own sounds/kits!
  • Load your favorite kits
  • Play amazing kits

Your Roland TD-50 can only read the Sound Edition when the folder Roland is in the root directory (the first level) of your SD card.

How to load the Sound Edition

Also included with the download is the kit list and a PDF manual!

This Sound Edition works only on the conventional Roland TD-50, it is not compatible with modules with TD-50X firmware!

Module: TD-50

Reviews 11
Customer reviews
24 Jun 2020

Wie immer Gail.

Absolut tolle Sounds, und der Service von drum-tec sucht seines gleichen. Danke an Euch aus Baden Württemberg.Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor Euch.

23 May 2020

Any Plans for more packs for TD-50?

Hi, I own a TD-30 with the Acoustic Sound Pack and the Live Sound Edition, both are fantastic kit collections and have produced great recorded results. I'm upgrading to a TD-50, any chance of more downloadable kit packs for it? Neither Metal or Vintage kits would be my first choice to download. I understand the TD-30 packs are not compatible with the TD-50....... Shame, but I would definitely buy the Live Sound and Acoustic packs again if they were available on TD-50.

drum-tec Team 23 May 2020

Hey Russ, thanks for the praise! Yes, there will be a Real Acoustics Sound Edition for the TD-50 soon! :)


26 Dec 2019

Un zip

I cant download. Its writing sd card error. Should i unzip the files ?

drum-tec Team 26 Dec 2019

Hey Steve,

yes, please! Unzip the file and then follow the PDF manual which is also part of the download and explains all steps in detail: Just copy the [Roland] folder to your SD card and follow the rest of the steps explained there or watch our YouTube tutorial linked above!

Have fun with your amazing new kits!


17 Dec 2018


Hi I have the TD-50. Can I download and use the sound bank from eks TD-30?

11 Dec 2018

Work on the 17?

Love the TD-17 Metal pack, knowing that the TD-17 is based off the TD-50, will this pack work on the TD-17??

drum-tec Team 12 Dec 2018

Hey Symyn,

thanks for the praise! The sound engine from the TD-17 is indeed based on the TD-50, but the modules themselves are very different in many ways. The TD-50 for example offers far more options to edit a sound. The TD-17 would not understand all the parameters we adjusted. We are working on more TD-17 Editions though ;)

As a general rule the Sound Editions are only usable with the respective module from the title.

Thank you :)

11 Dec 2018

Partner Complete Cue Sheets LLC

These are easily the best kits I have on my TD-50 and I prefer them to many of the sample based kits in SD3 and SSD5. They sound like real vintage kits and the playability and dynamic range is phenomenal; far above the original programming in the user kits that come with TD-50. Drum-tec consistently makes products that revitalize and revolutionize the e drum market.

23 Nov 2018

amateur drummer

congratulations for excellent work done in creating the kit set, they are good and very similar to the real sound, really good.

17 Nov 2018

Live Sounds Edition Planned?

I will be buying this for sure for playing at home. I would really love a live sounds edition for the TD50, is that planned at all?

drum-tec Team 17 Nov 2018

Hey Nick, 

it is not just planned, it was the very first Edition we released!

Though, it is only available as a gift for those who bought their new TD-50 at drum-tec.

Check out the TD-50 module with our YouTube demos!

15 Nov 2018


Really enjoying using these new kits. The snare sounds are great - particularly the snare buzz after a hit and multiple hits is a nice touch. Also good to be able to see how they've put these together, so I can use similar techniques on my own custom kits.

As always, customer service is top notch - even from the other side of the world.

6 Nov 2018

Vintage Sound Edition for TD-30

Yeah I am all in for that too - I definately need the vintage sounds for TD-30 as well :-)

5 Nov 2018

Vintage Sound Edition for TD-30?

Perhaps something similar for us TD-30 players?

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