Tama MS736BK Iron Works Studio microphone stand

Tama MS736BK Iron Works Studio Mikrofonständer
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Tama IRON WORKS Studio MS736BK microphone stand

With the TAMA IRON WORKS series Tama repeatedly sets new standards in terms of hardware but now in the field of microphone stands, especially for studio recording and live events. With this series IRON Works, every little detail and known problem was considered and optimized. Be it the special Vice-Grip Boom Tilter, Sure-Cast Clamp, the silent toggle handle or the vibration damping rubber feet and legs made of solid iron. TAMA has taken many things into consideration to definitely gain a place in the top league of microphone stands. Here are a few facts from the product sheet:

Vibration-absorbing rubber feet and legs made of solid iron

Instead of the usual tube material, solid iron is used for the studio tripod legs. This solid design allows safe and stable positioning with a small footprint. In combination with the extra thick rubber feet, the stand is prevented from "floating away" due to vibrations. At the same time vibrations and impact sound are kept away from the microphone.

Die-cast locking nut

The generous dimensioning of the locking nut enables quick and easy handling with high locking force and secure hold. The high-quality, galvanised threads are designed for many years of rough use.

Vice-Grip Boom Tilter

The tilting device is a critical connection point of any micro-stand with gallows. TAMA's unique multi-layer construction fixes this axis of rotation extremely reliably.

Sure-Cast clamping sleeve

TAMA used robust metal clamping sleeves for its IRON Works series.

Silent toggle handle

Loosely mounted toggle handles for locking the boom are often overlooked as a source of background noise. TAMA solves this age-old problem with a plastic insert that dampens the vibration of the toggle handle as soon as it is tightened.

Double extendable IRON-CORE boom with counterweight

With its solid iron boom and removable counterweight, Iron Works stands hold heavy microphones and accessories securely in place. For reliable stability, high-strength POM plastic is used instead of Nyon. The removable counterweight allows the player to insert the boom to the left or right, with the toggle handle always pointing in the desired direction.


  • MS736BK IRON Works microphone stand
  • Colour: Black
  • Sure Cast Tightening Sleeves
  • Iron Core Boom
  • Vibration damping rubber feet
  • Height: 975-1650 mm
  • Boom: 505-850 mm
  • Weight: 5,4 kg
  • 3-leg
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