Roland TD-25 V-Drums Sound Module

Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-25 V-Drums Soundmodul

Discontinued product:

This product has been discontinued by its manufacturer and is out of production. Here's what we recommend as Roland TD-25 V-Drums Sound Module alternative:

Roland TD-27 Sound Module incl. Module Upgrade V2 and Live Sound Edition 1.399,00 €

Roland TD-25 V-Drum Sound Module

Including the drum-tec Live Sound Edition specifically for the Roland TD-25 sound module!

The Roland TD-25 specifically focuses on authentic acoustic sounds and provides - as a special highlight in this price range - position-sensing on the snare drum!

All sounds can be edited. Numerous multi-effects and the compatibility with the Roland VH-11 V-hi-hat guarantee a realistic sound playback and a natural playing feel!

Components of the Roland TD-25 sound module

  • Roland TD-25 sound module
    • incl. multicore trigger cable
    • incl. module holding plate
    • incl. manual
    • incl. power supply (german power cable (C7))
  • USB-Stick with drum-tec Live Sound Edition

The TD-25 fills the gap between the TD-11, TD-17 and TD-30 V-drum series.

It is addressed to e-drummers who attach great importance to both: "simple operation and a natural playing feel!"

  • acoustic sounding drums
  • fast access to the most important sets
  • professional sound management
  • snare drum with position-sensing
  • a natural playing feel with a realistic hi-hat

Features of the Roland TD-25

  • first and foremost, the successor of the TD-15 impresses with convincing and authentic sounds inherited from the flagship TD-30. Thanks to behaviour modeling, the extending SuperNATURAL sound engine provides a natural  response and 18 dynamic drum kits, split up into the 6 sectors rock, pop, jazz, funk, and electronic with 3 kits each. In addition, you get 18 user kits for your own setups.
  • secondly, the sound module is very easy to operate and comes with the already known cable harness from other Roland modules of the midrange (Roland TD-9,11, and 15), so that the setup is easy.
  • the newly designed user interface enables the e-drummer to create personal drum kits very quickly.
  • training and recording functions complete the practicability.
  • an audio player and audio recorder (records directly to USB drives), a rythm-coach function and a metronome make the practising easier.

The drum-tec comparison Roland TD-25 module vs. Roland TD-15

  • the TD-25 is the perfect sound module for the "puristic e-drummer"
  • it provides few, but very authentic sounding drum sounds from the Roland TD-30 sound engine.
  • due to a very slim concept, the TD-25 module is very easy to operate. It can do without many gadgets or sensationalism.
  • on the other hand, the module offers a limited effects-section and no in-depth effects processing for individual drums.
  • and there is no option to map single effects onto the rim trigger
  • create new drum kits intuitively, quickly and virtually "in no time"
  • TOP! the new and greatly simplified "quick and easy" instrument-allocation and instrument-modification thanks to the additional control dial on the surface of the module. Thanks to the slim user interface it is no longer necessary to bury oneself into layers upon layers of confusing menus and sub-menus.
  • TOP! an even higher "factor of entertainment", due to an improved internal "recording-function". It enables the drummer to record his own drumming in the WAV-format to external playalongs AND to MP3 (not just to internal songs as usual). Afterwards, the file can be exported and with the help of a studio-software or DAW you can also keep working on it. In consequence, the exchange of band-internal grooves for new song-ideas becomes "child's play".


The official Roland description

Designed for serious drummers, the TD-25 delivers pro-level sounds, intuitive operation, and natural playability. Derived from the top-of-the-line TD-30, the module’s advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine allows you to experience the acclaimed expressiveness of Roland’s flagship V-Drums at home and in the studio. And with the streamlined interface, you can easily customize sounds and create personalized kits perfectly suited for your style and touch. The TD-25 is also packed with powerful tools to improve your drumming, including an onboard audio player/recorder, Time Check function, built-in metronome, and more.

Unrivaled Sound and Expressiveness
The TD-25 offers a superior drumming experience, thanks to Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology with Behavior Modeling inherited from the flagship TD-30. Going far beyond typical drum modules, the TD-25’s sounds respond naturally and organically to your playing just like real acoustic drums. From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits and sustained cymbal swells, every nuance is accurate and smooth. To further extend the natural playing feel, the TD-25 provides positional snare sensing with compatible Roland drum pads, and also supports the VH-11 V-Hi-Hat for authentic hi-hat playing techniques.

Call Up Kits and Start Playing Immediately
With its no-nonsense interface, the TD-25 lets you enjoy playing great sounds for any music right away. Easy to grab while holding sticks, the large center dial allows you to quickly select kits based on music styles such as standard, rock, jazz, electronic, and others. After you’ve selected a style, press the dial to toggle between different kit variations. Next step? Start playing!

Customize Kits for Your Personal Style
The TD-25 makes it simple to edit sounds to suit your playing touch or a specific style of music. Just hit a pad to call up the sound assigned to it, and then use the panel knobs to select instruments and tweak tuning, muffling, and levels. Handy shortcuts greatly speed up tom editing, allowing you to assign sounds and change the muffling and tuning for all the toms at once. Your changes are saved automatically as you edit, eliminating the need to fuss with extra steps. If you don’t like your most recent tweaks, you can easily undo them and return to where the kit was at when you first selected it.

Play Along with Tracks and Record Audio Performances

Want a little jamming music to play along with? Just load up a USB memory stick with favorite WAV/MP3 songs and get lost in playing for hours. In addition to normal playback, you can loop sections you’d like to work on, or slow the playback speed to more easily learn fast fills and articulations. Alternately, you can plug a smartphone into the audio input and drum with songs from your music library or the web. It’s also possible to record your drumming performances (along with music playback) as audio files to a USB memory stick, offering a great way to evaluate your playing and share your drumming with friends and music producers. The sound module is equipped with a USB host.

Technical facts of the Roland TD-25 sound module:

  • drum kits: 36 (18 Preset, 18 User)
  • effect types: reverb (8 types), multi-effects (21 types), equalizer (tone control)
  • audio rec: internal, USB flash memory, file format audio file: WAV/MP3
  • display: 64 x 128 dots graphic type LCD (backlit LCD)
  • output impedance: 1.0 k ohms
  • power supply: AC adaptor (DC 9 V)
  • current draw: 500 mA


  • trigger input connector: DB-25 type (kick, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, hi-hat, crash1, ride, ride bell, hi-hat control)
  • extra trigger input jacks: stereo 1/4 inch phone type (crash2, AUX)
  • master output jacks: (l/mono,r): 1/4 inch phone type
  • phones: jack: stereo 1/4 inch phone type
  • ausio output jack: stereo miniature phone type
  • midi out connector
  • USB computer port: USB type B
  • USB memory port: USB type A
  • interface USB-MIDI, USB-audio, USB flash memory


  • owner s manual
  • leaflet "using the unity safely"
  • ac adaptor
  • special connection cable
  • wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2
  • sound module mounting plate

Size and Weight of the sound module:

  • width    238 mm, 9-3/8 inches
  • depth    180 mm, 7-1/8 inches
  • height     86 mm, 3-7/16 inches
  • weight   1,000 g, 2 lbs. 4 oz.


Reviews 5
Customer reviews
17 Oct 2020

Super Drum Modul für sehr gute Sounds

Für dieses Preis-Leistungsverhältnis gibt es kein besseres Modul für überzeugende und natürliche Sounds, inklusive einer Positionserkennung auf der Snare. Das macht das Modul so überzeugend ,einfache Bedienung für den Live Einsatz tauglich ,da es sich auch gut dynamisch spielen lässt. Klare Empfehlung für die Drummer die für einen kleines Geld natürliche Klänge suchen und haben wollen.

5 Sep 2019

Top Modul

Das TD 25 hat eigentlich alles, was man (ich) live auf der Bühne brauche, tolle Sounds. Wenn auch in der Funktionalität abgespeckt, so sind die Möglichkeiten, dank der guten Sounds, ausreichend und das hört man auch. Es kling nach richtigen Schlagzeug. Einzig die Möglichkeit, die Snaresound hinsichtlich

12 Nov 2017

Modul stark und kompakt, Sound Edition kein Mehrwert

Das Produkt als solches ist für meine Zwecke völlig ausreichend, hat wundebare Sounds, wunderbar dynamisch, viele Einstellmöglichkeiten und ist kompakt. Was mir nocht so gefällt sind die "drum tec Sound Eddition" Sounds. Sind u.a. zu leise aufgenommen. Es ist leider keine aufwertung des Moduls.

drum-tec Team 13 Nov 2017

Hallo Narsid,

vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback!

Schade, dass Ihnen unsere Sound Edition nicht gefällt. Bei unseren Sound Editions handelt es sich nicht um Aufnahmen. Vielmehr haben wir die Einstellungen des Moduls ausgereizt um weitere Sets zu erstellen. Die Lautstärken werden hiervon aber nicht beeinflusst und sollten sich jeweils einstellen lassen.

Lesen Sie hier noch weitere Informationen über unsere Sound Editions.

Viele Grüße!

11 Nov 2017

good piece of equipment

It’s a pretty good brain module, it’s compact with a lot of desirable features; a little overpriced though in comparison to a td-11 if you think about the little technology enhancement that it takes with respect the latter.
I’m satisfied after all, the dynamics are decent (you have eventually to tweak the parameters of the trigger settings to get you own sound out of it). A couple more inputs would have definitely helped; I also noticed it doesn’t have a midi in, I think it would have been a good feature.
In my opinion Roland is a step ahead of most of the competition, however I think they really should work on the cymbals, especially the ride (the bell is wired with a mechanical switch so that you have to beat strong to trigger the bell sound); if you consider this an issue maybe you should evaluate the td-50 (obviously we’re talking about other price ranges).

27 Jun 2017

Das Beste Drummodul für einfache Bedienung und echte Sounds

Nach zwei Einstiegsmodulen Td1 und TD11 endschied ich mich für das TD 25 mit der realsound edition. Die beste Entscheidung die ich treffen konnte! Absolut authentische Sounds und spielbarkeit. Die Bedienung ist selbst ohne Anleitung Kinderleicht- Perfekt auch für den live Einsatzt.
Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung für den Preis!

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