Roland TD-1DMK Double Mesh Kit


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  • Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums

    The best choice entry-level electronic drum set with legendary V-Drums sound and playability. The TD-1DMK offers a variety of great drum sounds, authentic acoustic feel with Roland's famous dual-ply mesh pads, and access to powerful skill-building tools with onboard coach functions and free Melodics for V-Drums training software for Mac/Windows. This makes it an ideal choice for beginning drummers and practicing students, as well as adults who want to get back into drumming later in life. Delivering a fulfilling drumming experience in a compact kit that can be played quietly with headphones, the TD-1DMK is an infinitely inspiring instrument that will launch a lifetime of drumming satisfaction and enjoyment.

    A lifetime of drumming starts here - If you've always dreamed of playing drums, you'll know it's a powerful ambition. But along with the excitement, you may also feel that learning drums is too hard. And yet, while you certainly do have to put in some effort, becoming a tight drummer may not be as tough as you think. If you can tap in time to music, you already have an intuitive understanding of the fundamentals of just need to take the next step. Roland V-Drums are the world's most popular electronic drums, thanks to their powerful sound, great playing feel and legendary durability. And if you think you might have drumming in your blood, the new V-Drums TD-1DMK will help you find it. The TD-1DMK provides a fulfilling drumming experience in a compact kit that's easy to move around. The simple-yet-powerful module includes a variety of expressive drum kits, connected to Roland's double-mesh pads for snare and toms. These pads use two layers of mesh material for realistic 'rebound' (where the drum stick bounces back after hitting the drum), just like on an acoustic kit. Although durable, they're quiet to play too, and great for late-night practice sessions. You can play with headphones, so you won't disturb family or neighbors, and with onboard coach functions and the ability to connect to Melodics drum training software, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll improve. Pick up the sticks, take a deep breath and pull up to the TD-1DMK. A lifetime of drumming awaits - so what are you waiting for?
    *Depending on the room and surface on which the TD-1DMK is played, additional noise damping from Roland NE-10 Noise Eaters may be required.

    The keay features of the Roland TD-1DMK:

    • Double-mesh drum heads for snare and toms, with adjustable tension for a quiet and realistic drumming experience
    • 15 preset drum kits with authentic, expressive drum sounds for accurate and true-to-life drumming
    • Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo and timing settings to help improve timing
    • 10 onboard coaching functions for tracking your progress and motivation to play
    • Record function lets you listen back to what you just played, for evaluation purposes
    • 15 onboard songs to play along with, covering a variety of music genres
    • Dedicated input for connecting your smartphone and playing along with your favorite songs
    • Legendary Roland quality and durability - built to support your drumming for years to come

    For Beginners: Start Playing Drums Now with your TD-1DMK:

    For players who are just starting out, the TD-1DMK is a hassle-free drum kit that's easy to set up and intuitive to use. With just a few simple steps, users can start playing an authentic-sounding collection of 15 preset kits and enjoy a realistic and engaging drumming experience right away. And with onboard coach functions and Melodics for V-Drums software, they'll learn essential skills and experience improvement with every practice session. Weighing just 15.5 lb./7 kg, the TD-1DMK is convenient to move around the home and to other performance locations as needed.

    For Parents: Help Develop Your Child's Sense of Rhythm with the Roland TD-1 DMK:

    When a child learns a musical instrument, they build discipline, determination, and many other essential life skills. Accurate timing and keeping a solid beat are fundamental elements of drumming, and the TD-1DMK's onboard metronome and 10 coach functions motivate successful development with a game-like experience that keeps every playing session fun and engaging. Melodics for V-Drums takes learning even further with interactive drum lessons that build a sense of rhythm without it seeming like hard work. The TD-1DMK's pads are quieter than other electronic drums too, allowing children to practice for extended periods without limitations.

    For Students: Become a Better Drummer with the Roland TD-1 DMK drum set:

    With its great feel and natural response, the TD-1DMK supports developing all the traditional techniques needed to be a top-level drummer. Thanks to the fast processing and authentic acoustic sounds of the kit's module, the TD-1DMK faithfully responds to the subtle nuances of the user's playing, with every dynamic nuance detected and faithfully relayed. Compared with other mesh heads, Roland's dual-ply mesh heads for the snare and toms feature adjustable tension, and also provide authentic natural rebound that's as close as possible to the feel of playing acoustic drum heads. The TD-1DMK's kick pad is compatible with standard single and double kick pedals, and features a soft rubber surface that absorbs noise from the beater while maintaining natural acoustic feel and response.

    For Past Players: It's Time to Start Drumming Again

    The TD-1DMK is the perfect solution for bringing drums back into anyone's life. From onboard songs across a variety of genres to connecting a smartphone to the module and playing with favorite tracks and web lessons, users can drum along and quickly reignite their musical passion. And with the ability to play quietly with headphones, they can fully immerse themselves without disturbing family members and neighbors. The durable TD-1DMK is infused with renowned V-Drums reliability, providing playing confidence for years to come. As skills and ambitions are renewed, there's even room for expansion by adding an extra crash cymbal or upgrading the sound module.

    The technical details to the Roland TD-1DMK:

    • Kit configuratio: Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Hi-hat control pedal, Tom x 3, Crash, Ride, Drum stand
    • Kick: Compatible for using a double kick pedal
    • Snare (PDX-8): 8 inches, double mesh head (2-ply), dual trigger (head, rim)
    • Hi-hat (CY-5): 10 inches (fixed-type)
    • Hi-hat control pedal: Detectable for half-open stroke
    • Tom (PDX-6A) x 3: 6 inches, double mesh head (2-ply), single trigger (Head) *2
    • Crash (CY-5): 10 inches, dual trigger (bow, edge)
    • Ride (CY-5): 10 inches, dual trigger (bow, edge)
    • Drum stand: Four-post type rack stand
    • Drum kits 15
    • Coach functions (10 modes) Time check (easy) Time check (hard) Change-up Auto up/down Quiet count Tempo check (easy) Tempo check (hard) Stroke balance Timer
    • Recording Songs 15
    • Metronome Tempo (40-260) Rhythm type (5 types) Sounds (8 types) Volume (10 levels)
    • Display 7 segments, 3 characters (LED)
    • Connectors OUTPUT/PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type MIX IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type USB COMPUTER port: USB B type
    • TRIGGER INPUT connector: DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat control)
    • Interface USB MIDI (transmitting only)
    • Power supply AC adaptor Current draw 150 mA
    • Accessories Setup Guide Owner's Manual Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY" AC adaptor Special connection cable

    Options (sold separately)

    • Additional crash cymbal (Crash2): CY-5, CY-8, CY-12C MDY-12 *3
    • Kick: KD-9, KD-10, KT-9, KT-10
    • Personal drum monitor: PM series
    • V-Drums mat: TDM series

    What is inside the box of the Roland TD-1DMK?

    Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Hi-hat control pedal, Tom x 3, Crash, Ride, Drum stand

    • Rack mounted Kick: Compatible for using a double kick pedal
    • Snare (PDX-8): 8 inches, double mesh head (2-ply), dual trigger (head, rim)
    • Hi-hat (CY-5): 10 inches (fixed-type)
    • Hi-hat control pedal: Detectable for half-open stroke
    • Tom (PDX-6A) x 3: 6 inches, double mesh head (2-ply), single trigger (Head) *2
    • Crash (CY-5): 10 inches, dual trigger (bow, edge)
    • Ride (CY-5): 10 inches, dual trigger (bow, edge)
    • Drum stand: Four-post type rack stand
    • no bass drum pedal


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