LA Studios Sound Edition Roland TD-25 [Download]

LA Studios Sound Edition Roland TD-25
LA Studios Sound Edition Roland TD-25
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drum-tec LA Studios Sound Edition for the Roland TD-25 sound module

A pre-created drum-tec customer account is required to download the Sound Edition.

The drum-tec Sound Editions for Roland modules contain first-class sets which can be loaded additionally to the pre-loaded drumkits. It took quite a lot of time and effort and with great attention to detail we worked relentlessly to really get every bit of sound refinement out of the Roland modules.

Our customers regularly ask us regarding sound manipulation and what their options are to really get the most out of their Roland module. We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them to Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating the feedback from our customers we created our own sets for all the important Roland modules. While some sets are just for fun at home others are optimized for the stage.

When installing the drum-tec Sound Edition for your Roland module you do not change or delete the pre-set kits provided by Roland. We rather use the option the create and save user kits to completely exploit the possibilities in sound design and design the best drumsets possible. We get a lot of positive feedback on our Sound Editions which is just incredibly fulfilling.

Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition into your Roland module!

Kit List:

1. Pearl Master
2. Slingerland '70
3. Yamaha Recording
4. Sonor Force
5. Tama Artstar
6. Premier Signia
7. DW Collector
8. Ludwig Rocker
9. Remo Louis B
10. Yamaha Tour Custom
11. Mapex Saturn
12. Yamaha Hip Gig
13. Rogers '73
14. DW Maple '85
15. Slingerland '82
16. Tama Royalstar
17. Pearl Maple
18. Pearl Birch
19. Pearl BLX
20. Pearl '70

Module: TD-25

Reviews 9
Customer reviews
28 Sep 2023

So many great kits I use all the time in this sound edition

Buying these kits was the best thing I did for my experience with the TD25 (along with adding a TM2, but that's another story). I never understood why some people won't use the Roland module sounds, and this Drumtec edition proves how the Roland sounds can be made to sound first class. Jamming regularly on Jamkazam with my 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s rock cover band, there are kits in this bundle to fit a wide variety of styles and moods. The Drumtec team has built great sounding kits here with individual personalities; but I find the greatest thing is how the Drumtec kits' levels are perfectly balanced so that the results of the Drumtec team's tinkerings can really come through clearly. My bandmates notice the better quality of sound with the Drumtec kits (or Drumtec kits to which I have added my customization) versus when I play a TD25 stock kit or a stock kit I have adjusted. Some favourites in this bundle: the clarity and tone of the DW Collectors is my workhorse; the warm overtones of the DW 85 when I want a bit more rasp; the crisp crack of the Yamaha Recording; and for down and dirty hard rock the fat Slingerland 70. But there are so many other good ones in the bundle... the only challenge is having just 36 kit slots on the module...

28 Jan 2021

First class service

I was struggling a little bit to put the LA Studio sound on my Roland TD-25 as I’m not particularly computer savvy so I contacted Drum Tec dircectly. They got back to me in a short while and even rang me to talk through the process. It’s done now and I’m extremely happy with the result. Thanks Marcus at Drum Tec for your understanding and patience. I’ll be purchasing more from you in due course. First class.

5 Sep 2019

Top Sounds

Da hat das DrumTec Team aus dem TD 25 alles raus geholt. Die meisten Sounds sind sofort zu gebrauchen und klingen super. Mit kleinen Veränderungen habe ich nun meine Lieblingssounds für meine Musik gefunden.

16 Aug 2019


Great! Bravi!

17 Mar 2019


after downloading and loading these kits with ease, it felt like i got new drums.(25KV)
great buy if you need motivation or you think about selling your drums!

13 Feb 2019

Very impressed!

I am very impressed with these drum kits. Its especially helpful when you pull a TD25 out of its package and all of the preset kits sound sub-par, and you don't know where to start to make them sound like they should! These downloadable kits would take hours and days to dial in. It makes the module so much more useful and flexible. I recently hooked it up to my churches JBL array system with four tour quality subs, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Will definitely be buying more!

12 Dec 2018

Sounds Amazing

Brought new life into my TD-25 module. Sounds are fantastic!

6 Dec 2018

Bin begeistert!

War echt gespannt auf die Kits. Von der Sound-Edition für den TD 20 war ich nicht so überzeugt.
Aber die LA-Studiosounds - echt der Hammer. Nach anfänglichen ,,Ladungsproblemen'' (die mir Uwe von drumtec Süd
ganz schnell telefonisch gelöst hat!!!) spielte ich sämtliche Kits zu Playalongs.
Ohne irgendwelche Einstellungen zu ändern klang ein kit geiler als das andere!
Die Investition hat sich voll bezahlt gemacht - so macht auch üben Spaß!
Weiter so, drum-tec.

30 Oct 2018


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