Snare stands
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Snare stands

What are the features of a good snare drum stand?

The snare drum is the epicenter of the drum kit. On its head the backbeat is created. The angle and energy with which your stick hits the surface determines the sound and rhythm nuances that make the difference between a cool groove and a dull bum-chop.

Is this simple mistake killing your sound?

The snare's exact position in the set, the right height, and the exact tilt make the difference between hit or bust. That's why your drum kit's snare drum needs to be more secure, accurate and stable than any other drum in the kit. And it has to do so throughout the entire, long gig.

So what makes a good snare stand?

Most snare stands come with three double-braced legs. There's not much you can go wrong with when choosing one. But just one level up, things get interesting.

Keep it safe

In the middle of the stand, there is a socket with a screw or clamp on the base tube. The top of the stand is stuck in this and this is where the height of your drumhead is defined. As a lock here should be a memory clamp or a locking screw, so that the snare does not slide down when playing.

Full freedom of movement for the snare drum

The principle of the Omniball mount (also known as a ball joint) has become popular with good snare stands. With this system, there are no fixed detent distances in the tilt of the snare basket. If - as with the drum-tec snare stand of the 9200 series - the snare basket can also be moved along a vertical axis, the upper part can be fixed in a sufficient radius in any direction and at any angle of tilt from a fixed position of the lower part. The stand does not have to be moved for this. This is very practical, especially for tight set arrangements. You can play your snare with this stand even where there wouldn't be exactly the space on the floor for the feet.

Snare drum on drum rack

You have even more space for your legs under the snare with a drum-tec snare expander for drum racks. It fits on all standard drum racks with 38 mm tube diameter. A snare expander for drum racks is especially recommended for double bass drum sets.

Snare stand for small snares

For snare drums with small diameters, the drum-tec Snare Stand 9700 offers the perfect solution. The arms of the snare basket have adjustable tips, so that even in the smallest diameter a flat support surface is available for the snare base.

In addition to snare stands by drum-tec Of course, you can also get snare stands made by Tama, Yamaha snare stands, snarestands by Pearl and other manufacturers.