EFNOTE PRO 700-BO drum-tec Edition

EFNOTE PRO 700-BO drum-tec Edition
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EFNOTE PRO 700-BO drum-tec Edition

  • Two-piece E-Drum module with separate stage box
  • Drum stage box with up to 12 balanced XLR outs directly to FoH
  • Wide range of base sets - all individually expandable
  • Premium acoustic sounds - individually expandable
  • Exclusive drum-tec configuration in black oak finish

With the PRO series, EFNOTE achieves another milestone in combining premium drum sound with the professional usability of an E-Drum in live operation. They combine the tried-and-true drum and cymbal pads with a new sound module in various configurations - from the 500 Standard Set with 4 pads and 3 cymbals to the 707 Complete Set with 7 pads and 8 cymbals. EFNOTE fulfills every desire when it comes to assembling individual components into complete, ready-to-play electronic drum kits.

The centerpiece of each set is the EFD-PRO sound module. It consists of the control unit - designed similarly to previous EFNOTE modules - and a stage box with well-thought-out and robust connections for live performance. The stage box offers 12 balanced XLR outputs. There's no more direct way to send the signals of individual instruments to a front-of-house mixing console.

The module delivers the well-known high-quality acoustic kits from EFNOTE, featuring elaborately produced multi-layer samples for natural drum sounds in high-end resolution. The sound is pure and simply impressive.


  • Two-part sound module for ideal usability and expandability
  • Flat and compact control surface with touchscreen color LCD
  • Grounded base unit with sturdy housing and reliable cable connections
  • Straightforward interface design, adjustable brightness
  • 5x 2-zone inputs for toms
  • 6x 3-zone (including 3-zone hi-hat), 2x 2-zone inputs for cymbals
  • Traditional individual trigger connections (TRS) for professional reliability
  • Birch wood shells and 2-ply mesh heads
  • Multi-sensor for hot-spot-free and high-resolution sound

Scope of delivery of the EFNOTE PRO 700-BO drum-tec Edition

  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-PRO sound module with stage box 700-
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-K2015 Kick Drum Pad 20" x 15" (black oak)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-S1455 Snare Drum Pad 14" x 5,5" (black oak)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-T1180 Tom Pad 11" x 8" (black oak)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-T1515 Floor Tom Pad 13" x 13" (black oak)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-H14 2-piece Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad 14" (warm gray)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-C16 Crash Cymbal Pad 16" (warm gray)
  • 1 x EFNOTE EFD-C20 Ride Cymbal Pad 20" (warm gray)
  • 2 x EFNOTE EFD-SS5 Snare Drum Stand
  • 2 x EFNOTE EFD-CS5 Cymbal Stand

Delivery does not include kick pedal and hi-hat stand.

E-Drum with Its Own Stage Box - Best Compatibility as a Live Drum Set

With the PRO series, EFNOTE introduces a new dimension to E-Drums in live settings. The electronic drums of the PRO 500 and PRO 700 series are more than just an E-Drum set. They are a complete rhythm resource within your band, orchestra, or ensemble. Because EFNOTE PRO sets not only consist of modules, pads, and cymbals - they also have their own stage box. Plug & play at its best! The person at the front of house gets all the options with 12 individual balanced XLR outputs and a stereo sum to integrate the drums into the mixing architecture and live sound. The robust stage box is designed for the on-the-road life and serves as a solid connection between the drums and the P.A. system. On the input side, it accommodates seven drum pads, including snare with side rim, and six triple-zone and two dual-zone cymbal pads, including hi-hat. A powerful headphone output completes the connections.

Wide Selection of Setups - From Cocktail Kit to Complete Set

EFNOTE offers the PRO in two basic lines. The smaller 500 series features a 16 x 12" kick drum pad as the centerpiece of each set, accompanied by a 12 x 5" snare. Basic tom pads include a 10 x 7" and a 12 x 12" pad. The larger 700 series offers a 20 x 15" kick drum and a 14 x 5.5" snare drum as the base. The smallest variant is complemented by an 11 x 8" and a 15 x 15" tom pad. In both series, you have a choice of various configurations, from 3-piece to 7-piece shell sets, along with a growing number of sensible cymbal pads and corresponding hardware.

Impressive Drum Sound Thanks to Elaborately Produced Multi-Layer Samples

The EFNOTE module delivers impressive drum kits and excellent cymbal collections across the full spectrum of authentic drum sounds. You have 23 freely editable factory kits at your disposal. The 100 user kit storage spaces provide ample room for your own combinations from these already great kits. All sounds can be edited according to your preferences for tuning, damping, and EQ.

EFNOTE PRO - The Module Leaves Nothing to Be Desired

The EFNOTE PRO module with high-definition/high-brightness color touchscreen allows for quick kit changes using "swipe and touch" gestures with your finger on the display, as effortless as on a mobile phone. The additional features of the EFNOTE EFD-PRO are equally impressive:

Notable features include a 2-band EQ and compressor, individually adjustable pitch and damping for each instrument, cymbal tuning, pan management for individual stereo imaging in each of your kits, freely assignable function knobs for adjustments during play, graphical representation of your trigger settings, and the ability to save parameters for each gig, stage, and venue. Of course, you can connect your E-Drum to your own small P.A. system via the two stereo sums to sound excellent in clubs or rehearsal spaces.

And that's not all. The module offers a set list feature for kit order configuration, complete with a metronome for each song. Each button on the setlist, just like each of the saved drum kits, can be color-changed and individually labeled. The metronome provides 7 different click variations and a favorite beat storage function.

For your practice sessions, the One Touch Recording & Playback with USB flash memory storage is available. The volume manager, graphical bus routing, and clever output management system with high-pass filter and sum EQ complete the list of fulfilled desires in this high-end E-Drum module.

And... EFNOTE adds one more functional gimmick to the module: the module unit has illumination at the bottom for the stage box underneath. This way, you always have everything in view.

Cool Look - Elegant Acoustic Design with Premium Craftsmanship

The clean design matches the sound of the EFNOTE PRO series perfectly. Simple elegance is celebrated here. The drum dimensions give the set an authentic acoustic look. The cymbal pads in their various sizes and shapes emphasize the goal of being an original, even visually. The craftsmanship of the real wood shells and cymbals is impeccable, as expected from EFNOTE.

Precise Trigger Technology in the Drums

Bass drum, snare, and toms are made from high-quality 6-ply birch shells and covered with double-ply mesh heads. To ensure high sensitivity and extremely precise response, all toms have a total of 3 and the snare has 4 trigger sensors. Additionally, the snare has a third playing surface. This allows for precise separation between cross stick and rimshot. The bass drum is equipped with 2 trigger sensors, ensuring consistent response whether using a single or double pedal.

Complete Freedom with the Cymbals

All cymbal pads, including the hi-hat, can be played from all sides (360°) and can be stopped with a choke sensor. A mechanism preventing the cymbals from twisting is thus unnecessary. Both crash and ride cymbals are generally triple-zone pads, where both the edge, surface, and bell can be played. Thanks to the optical multi-trigger sensors, the hi-hat has an exceptionally fine scan rate and extremely precise playing behavior. This enables smooth execution of complex patterns at high speeds.

Acoustic Design: yes
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down
Finish: Black Oak
Module: EFD-PRO

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