drum-tec pro mesh head set standard, 22", 10", 12", 16", 14"

drum-tec pro Mesh Head Set Standard
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drum-tec pro mesh head - 5-piece Set Standard

  • Single ply
  • Very thick material
  • Higher baseline volume
  • Authentic rebound
  • Including Protection Dot

This robust mesh head was specifically developed for e-drummers focusing on an authentic playing feel. Due to the special pro-fabric, the "tennis racketeEffect" - well-known from simpler Mesh Heads - is eliminated almost entirely.

Because of the thicker fabric, the pro mesh heads generate a higher noise level. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for situations in which volume development is not an issue or even preferred: Due to the sonorous characteristics it is also useful for practicing without a sound module.

Type: 1-lagig
Series: pro

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