ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals with a wider range of surface finishes

The ZEITGEIST CAD cymbals in Acoustic Design are now also available in the surface finish "Antique".

The low-noise metal cymbals with single-, dual- and triple-zone trigger system and the previously available surfaces silver polished, gold polished and black anodized thus gets an additional visually appealing look for friends of an earthy vintage style.

The sturdy finish of the hard lacquer surface, also known as ""hammered", guarantees long-lasting playing pleasure with minimal inherent noise compared to conventional acoustic cymbals.

ZEITGEIST CAD e-drum cymbals combine the advantages of electronic cymbal pads with the natural feel and cool look of acoustic cymbals. They are available in a range from splash to crash and ride to china cymbals and also as hi-hats.

ZEITGEIST CAD Cymbals are compatible with many modules from popular manufacturers and offer a solid introduction to the world of e-drum cymbals.


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