Now available: Toontrack Stockholm SDX

Toontrack Stockholm SDX is now available - a comprehensive drum sample library that takes your music production to the next level. The Stockholm SDX includes five drum kits, twelve snares, nine kicks, and three sets of cymbals, all recorded at Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio) in Stockholm, Sweden. The sounds were edited by Linn Fijal and sampled by Josephine Forsman, offering a versatile range of sounds from soft to loud, perfect for any genre of music.

Toontrack Stockholm SDX also includes a wide collection of mix-ready presets for each kit, allowing you to use the sounds immediately without having to tweak them. Additionally, the product features a custom MIDI library with drum grooves and fills, enabling you to experiment with different rhythms and create your own unique patterns.

In summary, Toontrack Stockholm SDX is an essential tool for music producers, drummers, and anyone looking to take their music production to the next level. Get your copy today and start producing amazing music!

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