New GEWA Pro 5 sets available!

The GEWA E-Drum Sets Gewa G3 Pro 5 and Gewa G5 Pro 5 are now available in our webshop. These electronic drum sets offer you a fantastic playing experience with their full-size shells in an acoustic design.

The absolute highlight of these drum sets is the acoustic design shells. They provide you with an authentic and immersive playing feel, similar to a real drum set. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, you'll enjoy the familiar response and playability while exploring the versatile possibilities of electronic drums.

The Gewa G3 Pro 5 includes an 18-inch kick drum, a 14-inch snare pad, and 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch tom pads. The Gewa G5 Pro 5 shares the same shell sizes. With this range of shell sizes, you can experiment with different music styles and preferences to find the perfect sound and playing technique for your performances.

To ensure stable and durable support while playing, a nearly complete Gibraltar hardware set is included. This includes 3x tom/cymbal stands, a hi-hat stand, a module stand, and a snare stand. The high-quality hardware not only provides secure positioning but also enhances your overall drumming experience.

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