Exclusively at drum-tec: The ATV aFrame

Discover the fascinating ATV aFrame, a groundbreaking E-percussion instrument available exclusively at drum-tec. With advanced sensor technology, it opens up countless possibilities to explore unique playing styles and captivate with mesmerizing sound compositions.

The ATV aFrame dynamically responds to touch, pressure, and playing techniques, delivering an immersive experience on electronic pads. Its sensitive frame and membrane surface allow for a wide range of expressive possibilities, supported by 80 percussion and multi-effect options.

Play the ATV aFrame like a Cajon, Djembe, Conga, or even a glass harp - with your fingers, hands, brushes, or mallets. Discover unique playing styles and unlock new dimensions of musical expression.

Dive into the infinite possibilities of the ATV aFrame, available exclusively at drum-tec. Experience the transformative power of this remarkable instrument and unleash your creativity to a whole new level of musicality.

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