ATV EXS-5 Full-Size e-drum set without module

ATV EXS-5 Full Sized E-Drum Set ohne Modul
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ATV EXS-5 Full Size e-drum Basic set without module

  • perfect Basic Setup in large real mesh pad dimensions
  • compatible with drum modules from Roland, 2Box, Alesis, Pearl Mimic

The ATV EXS series is the second generation of electronic drums from Japanese manufacturer ATV, founded by Roland founder Kakehashi.

ATV started with the aD5 e-drum module in 2016 and followed up with the aDrums, an e-drums solution in acoustic look and feel in 2017. Now, in the middle of 2018 they have introduced the new EXS series which features a reduced version of the aD5, the new ATV xD3 sound module.

  • The triggers of all the pads and cymbals from the new EXS series are also based on ATVs established high-end technology - Made in Japan.
  • The ATV EXS-5 closely matches the conventional configuration's and sizes of a typical acoustic drum set and cymbals.
  • This space-saving set is ideal for beginners and those playerws ho need a high-quality second kit at home for practice and recordnig.

++ more compact ++ easy to transport ++ less expensive ++ classic e-drum design ++ high-tech ++ versatile ++

ATV EXS-5 without modul - scope of delivery

  • 13" Snare Drum Mesh Pad
  • 13" Bass Drum Mesh Kick
  • 10" Tom Mesh Pad x2
  • 13" Tom Mesh Pad x1
  • 14" Real optical HiHat Pad (Bottom and Top)
  • 14" Crash Cymbal x2
  • 16" Ride Cymbal
  • E-Drum Rack System

* Kick drum pedal and drum throne are not included.

What are the outstanding features of this new series?

  • This ATV xD3 drum module based on the high end aD5 drum module
  • It comes with just -5 Preset drum kits - but all 5 are fantastic - who need more?
  • Many additional high resolution drum sounds can be downloaded from the ATV Sound Store
  • 20 Songs (further playable by SD card)
  • Metronome, quick record and practice functions
  • 6.3 mm stereo trigger input for aux
  • Headphone output + 2 Main outputs 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Mix in 3.5mm stereo
  • SD / SDHC card slot for saving backups and playing WAV files
  • USB MIDI interface for direct connection from a Mac or PC

Overview ATV EXS-3 and EXS-5 SetUp:

More freedom of motion for cymbals

The cymbals can be played and choked anywhere around their full circumference, eliminating the need for rotation stoppers that inhibit natural cymbal motion. Simply place the cymbal on the stand and see how the newly designed pivot allows it to swing naturally in all directions. The innovative design replicates other natural details as well, such as how the whole cymbal flexes and wobbles when its thin tapered edge is struck. The silicone playing surface not only feels great, but also provides excellent silencing characteristics. All these design details work together to create a playing experience similar to that of an acoustic cymbal.

Hi-Hat - Detect subtle pedal work

When playing the balance between an open and closed hi-hat sound is subtly controlled by the foot. Conventional electronic hi-hat designs typically use contact-type sensors to detect foot pedal motion, but these mechanical designs are limited in their precision and tracking capability. Solving this problem, the EXS series hi-hat utilizes a completely optical sensor to provide high-precision sensing that won't lag even when the hi-hat is opened and closed rapidly.

Mesh Heads - Newly developed sensors & two-layer drum heads

Our drums utilize a durable and sensitive two-layer mesh head. No matter the playing style, the wide dynamic range of your EXS series drums will fill you with confidence.The EXS series is capable of capturing the full dynamic range of your performance from ghost notes to powerful rim shots, accurately translating your playing into an expressive natural sounding performance. This consistency is possible because of a new, patented, multi-sensor design for the snare drum and toms that completely eliminates the problem of hotspots.

Your E-Drum Kick - A kick that supports the groove

The ideal kick drum combines sensitivity to ensure fast, precise triggering, with stability that gives a natural feeling of feedback. Our 13" and 10" mesh head kick pad designs achieve a great balance of damping and sensitivity. This ensures a rock-solid, fast-triggering kick that will anchor your groove. If you were using a double pedal, the stability and sensitivity of the kick drum will allow you to flawlessly play fast patterns. With the EXS series kick drum, you'll never miss a beat!

Acoustic Design: no
Colour: Black
Finish: Black
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Series: EXS

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