Alesis Strike Dual Zone Mesh Head Pad 12" incl. accessories

Alesis Strike SE Dual Zone Mesh Head Pad 12"
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Alesis Strike SE Dual Zone Mesh Head Pad 12"

  • 12" dual zone tom pad with mesh head
  • wooden shell in "red sparkle" design
  • Compatible with Alesis, Roland modules and the Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Original pad from the Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition
  • incl. tom holder and rack clamp
  • without cable, please order separately

However, there is far more that makes the Strike Pro Special Edition an extraordinary playing experience than just the full-sized kick. To begin with, the Strike Pro Special Edition utilizes all-new latest-generation mesh heads, dual-zone for the snare and all the toms. Their response is faster, more natural and easier-playing than ever before. You will fly over these heads, effortlessly laying down powerful grooves and snapping off crisp fills. These heads won't fight you; instead, these new Alesis mesh heads are your best ally.

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