2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit

2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit
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2BOX DrumIt Three Speedlight Kit

  • Perfect starter kit with the 2Box DrumIt Three sound module
  • 5-piece E-Drum Kit with Mesh Head Pads
  • 15 universal trigger inputs allow easy expansion of the set with additional pads/cymabls from almost all manufacturers
  • A large sound library and sound editor provided by 2Box for free download

The Speedlight Kit is robust, sturdy and perfectly suited for beginners. The Mesh Head Pads guarantee a great playing feel with unique rebound.

The most important part of any electronic drum kit is the sound source. It is the heart of every e-kit. You can build an impressive looking set with lots of toms, cymbals, FX pads, etc., but - and this But is the key point - if your sound module doesn't have the latest technology with an unparalleled sound, the whole experience will be very disappointing. With the Speedlight kit you get one of the best e-drum modules ever developed in this price range. If you compare the data of the Di3 module with the competitors of other manufacturers on the market, you will see that the Di3 has nothing to hide.

2Box was founded in 2006 with the vision of providing drummers, whether electronic or acoustic, a completely new and groundbreaking sound experience. The first 2Box module DrumIt5 already had convinced fans. Now 2Box wants to create this experience once again for a completely new generation with the new Speedlight Kit!

Open Sound Architecture
Thanks to the Open Sound Architecture, you can now select any sound you want and convert it to the appropriate format using an editor (free for 2Box owners), so you can load it via the USB port on the sound module. And that's not just for one-shot samples! Your own sound can consist of numerous layers. The gradual change between soft and hard hits is reproduced accurately.

Universal Trigger Interface
What does that mean? Well, for the first time it is possible to use any pad/cymbal combination from any other manufacturer with our DrumIt sound modules. The DrumIt 3 is compatible with all common drum pads, cymbals and hi-hats.

Play the kits of famous drummer
The DrumIt3 is equipped with sound kits by Randy Black, Marco Minneman and the really unique Simon Phillips and many others. And if that's not enough, as a 2Box owner you're welcome to visit the 2Box website and download sounds from the extensive 2box-drums.com library for free.

Use other sound sources - the possibilities are endless
Using third-party software, you can convert sounds from famous drum sound libraries and play them back through the DrumIt Three sound module instead of triggering them via MIDI on your PC. Because the sounds are triggered directly in the module, the playing experience is extremely dynamic with minimal latency.

Content of the 2box Speedlight Kit

  • 1x DrumIt 3 sound module
  • 1x 10" two-zone mesh head snare pad
  • 3x 8" two-zone mesh head tom pads
  • 1x kick drum pad
  • 1x 14" Hi-Hat Pad including controller and stand
  • 1x 12" two-zone crash pad with choke function
  • 1x 14" three-zone ride pad with choke function
  • 1x 2Box Rack incl. pad holder, cymbal arms and module holder
  • including all cables

(without drum throne)

Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Acoustic Design: no
Finish: Black & Chrome
Module: DrumIt 3
Farbe: Schwarz

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